About Jackson

Rooted in History. Modern in Industry.

Coe S.Reeves attached a motor, three bicycle tires and a gas pipe to a carriage body in his motor shop on Pearle Street. It was 1897. Reeves created one of the first gasoline-powered vehicles in the U.S.

This was 10 years before Henry Ford introduced his first Model T.

The Cascades

William (Cap) Sparks planned the Sparks County Park and Cascades waterfalls in his office in this building. The Sparks-Withington Company bought the building in 1928 and manufactured some of the first decorative radios and televisions here.

Top Innovation in Manufacturing

Midbrook Products is a high-tech metal fabricator with capacities for sheering, laser-cutting or water-jet cutting stainless steel. Midbrook services customers worldwide from our Falahee Road Complex.


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    A Dazzling Downtown
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A True Crossroad of Convenience!

Our properties are located between Detroit & Chicago on the I-94 corridor at the US-127 intersection. We are centered in Mid-Michigan, 35 miles south of Lansing and 30 miles West of Ann Arbor with easy access in all directions.


Jackson Metropolitan statistical area includes Jackson County and had a 2019 population of 160,248.