Living in Jackson

A Notable Building Designed by Albert Kahn & Associates

December 5, 2018

A resurgence of spirit

You may be aware that at one time Clark Equipment was Jackson County’s largest manufacturer employing over 3000 men and women at their Michigan Center plant. You may not be aware that this enormous structure at 1300 Falahee Road was designed in 1949 by a nationally known architectural firm, Albert Kahn (& Associates).

Prior to Mr. Kahn's death in 1942, he was known as the foremost American industrial architect of his day. His legacy is confirmed inside our Falahee building. The facility is still a strong functioning manufacturing and warehousing center serving 18 different businesses. The property is owned and managed by the Commercial Exchange.

Albert Kahn and Associates had a long run and started early. In 1929 Kahn designed the prestigious 17-story Jackson County Tower Building originally built as a bank. Attendance to detail was Mr. Kahn's hallmark. Vaulted ceilings, ornate plaster decorations and three-tiered chandeliers greeted customers while they waited their turn for a teller on decorative marble floors. Lines formed along marble and walnut walls that led customers to a barrier of brass service windows. Historical records recall 15 Italian stained-glass windows 22 feet tall that were described as “breathtaking.”

Mr. Kahn left his imprint in architecture’s history as the creator of Detroit's skyline. Many of 'his' buildings are still standing, their beauty timeless.

Albert Kahn is responsible for the stunning Fisher Building, a landmark skyscraper located at 3011 West Grand Boulevard in the heart of the New Center area of Detroit. He was also responsible for the Detroit Athletic Club and Cadillac Place.

Our 'Falahee’ building is a massive industrial structure,17.5 acres under a vast roof. The building’s main entrance features Art Deco-styled long, connected windows with pleated steel awnings. Bright workspaces and a large commercial kitchen line the eastern exposure where 3,000 Clark Equipment workers were once fed. Docks are located along the north, west and south exteriors. Inside the building is organized into 40 ft by 60 ft bays, interior roadways and common staging areas to service our tenants.

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