Living in Jackson

Bright Colors Matter!

September 26, 2019

Color has invaded the area and it's exciting!

Color is a powerful communication tool that community leaders in Jackson, Michigan have warmly embraced to transform Jackson's downtown into a much-needed new image. It's an impressive effort-of-change through a group of young professionals assembled as 'Bright Walls - Jackson'. They've recently added selections of distinct artistic talent from all parts of the globe. New large colorful murals have beautifully washed the area with a creative energy and we're thrilled! The new Bright Walls murals are random designs but in all cases, the color impact is undeniably exactly what was needed to boost Jackson into a NEW vibrant image! It is something to see!

We are proud of this exciting change which truly connects people to a brand new image for Jackson like a new light - a BRIGHT colorful light!