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Feeling Beautiful

October 9, 2020

Pren’Cess Smith enjoys helping women feel beautiful!

“I knew I looked better that day,” Pren’Cess Smith recalls from when she sat in the classroom at Jackson College. “I generally have a good self-image, but that day was totally different. That day I was full of confidence. I had that, ‘I can do anything I set my mind to do,’ feeling running through my mind. As I sat in that classroom I wondered if I really did want to become a teacher.

“I had just had my first professional set of semi-permanent eyelashes glued to my existing lashes. They were a birthday gift. The lashes were lightweight. When I saw myself in a mirror, I was surprised. My whole face seemed in better proportion. My eyes popped. I looked alive. It was hard to concentrate on the lecture. All I could think about was how confident I felt and how much I would like to share that feeling with family and friends.

“After work that night I started my research. During the next year I learned everything I could about lashes. I bought a kit on Amazon and taught myself how to apply lashes while watching a YouTube video. I practiced with my sister. She told me she loved the way it made her look and feel, so I tried it on some of our friends. I found I enjoy making women feel beautiful, and that I can do anything I set my mind to do.

“That’s when I dropped out of Jackson College and enrolled in Douglas J Beauty School in East Lansing. I earned my Esthetician degree and am now licensed for massage, facials and waxing and am certified in lashes. My education did not end there. I continued to take online classes even after starting my own business in June of 2019. I like scheduling clients around my family and personal needs, instead of being tied to a 9 to 5 job. I love my work.

“I will admit I have had a load of help from my family and friends who promote me to their families and friends. I market my business on social media.

“I chose the Commercial Exchange for my studio because it is affordable, parking is close by and plentiful, and the building is locked after 4 P.M. I use my code to get in for evening appointments. It’s really chill over here. Calm.

…as told to Laurie LaZebnik
Facebook: Crowned Lash