Living in Jackson

Tenants come. Tenants go. Stuff stays.

December 4, 2020

A 125-year-old Building’s Hidden Gems

Old warehouses collect weird and wonderful items abandoned by former tenants. Like spider webs collect flies, the many nooks and crannies of this old building collect amazing jewels. Keeping our focus on space that is empty and ready for new tenants is an ongoing challenge. Our team at the Commercial Exchange is constantly disposing of furniture, artifacts, and tools abandoned by tenants, yet, as soon as one area is bare, we discover another area full. We send usable building materials and furniture to Habitat for Humanity. Some unwanted metal file cabinets, chairs with broken legs go in the dumpster and are hauled to Omni Source. But, our people can’t seem to throw away, what they consider, the choice pieces. They move them to a special hideaway.

It’s time to clear the deck.

This week we are launching an online auction on our website: On the site you will see the odd, the unusual, the usable and the collectible … the stuff that dreams are made of, and attics are made for. Here is your chance to add that one interesting piece to your household or business and you pick the price.

Note: Watch for the antique 10 foot Brunswick Balke Collender Centennial Carom Billard Table. And the seven-foot-tall hand-crafted bookcase … for starters.

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